AL Gore Wins the Nobel Prize

But will he run for president? Starcats says no.

"In the race for the highest office in the land, we showed the collective maturity of 3-year-olds. . . . In other words, it wasn't done to us, we did it to ourselves. Sorry, but that's true. Until a solid 55% of American voters are willing to add at least two decades to their collective maturity, we're going to have Bush after Bush after Bush. We'll continue to claim it's "their" fault, but it's really ours. Prairie Weather blog:

Yesterday began with the gratifying news that Al Gore, derided by George H.W. Bush as the “Ozone Man,” had won the Nobel Peace Prize. . . Bob Herbert, NYT

I don't think Gore will run for president, as much as so many of us would like to see him do it. Whether "we" deserve him or not is another story. What I think is more to the point is that he'd be a fool to subject himself to the ugliness of America politics, after he's already proven himself to be the superior of the man he supposedly "lost" the presidency to. The Democratic party chart has Mercury at 26 Taurus, conjunct the what the ancients called "The most evil of the fixed stars." It's the fixed star associated with beheadings and hangings of royals and politicians. Centuries ago this star was taken quite literally in astrological analysis.

Today we attach more symbolic meanings, but the meanings do speak of loss and injury. Al Gore's natal Venus is at 26 Taurus. Taurus is associated with the head and neck and Venus in the sign would certainly point to voice, whether it be the melodious singer's voice of a Taurean Barbra Streisand (her Venus is not on Caput Algol), or the "voice" of politician and statesman, Al Gore. It's interesting that Al Gore's name, when merged --AlGORE looks so much like ALGOL. Algol, Anne Wright's Fixed Stars

Suffice it to say that Gore's voice was lost, cut off, damaged sometimes by himself, but certainly by a mainstream media who, from the beginning, found it fashionable to dislike him that it unwittingly (?) played into the GOP's "ugly voicings" against him.

His running mate, Joe Lieberman, has Uranus conjunct Algol on the Democratic Party's Algol Mercury. I suspect that's how we find his "voice" flipping (Uranus) to the extreme of co-signing everything George Bush pushes re Iraq and Iran. Uranus is the political planet par excellence. It is, according to Campion, Baigent and Harvey THE most important planet in world politics bar none (See, "Mundane Astrology" by these authors).

Gore would be a fool to run for president after a soul crushing experience like Election 2000.

Gore's progressed Mars at 4 Virgo was (and still is) conjunct the degree of August 28th's Lunar Eclipse on the Pisces/Virgo axis. Transit Saturn is conjunct his progressed Mars and Transit Venus just crossed over the aforementioned points. He has Mars and Saturn conjunct natally, so he has experience with the stringency of this planetary energy. Venus on these two hard guys would be the planet to "suffer," as when weighing planets, the stronger ones win.

Projecting onto the world stage, such a conjunction of progressed planets to these transits (transits kick off progressions) we'd find Venus of social acceptance, parties, laudatory words, etc., marred (Saturn) in a militant (Mars) way by enemies of Mr. Gore. As soon as Al won the Nobel prize at the time this planetary configuration was building, the extreme Right Wing echo chamber changed the tape in their heads (I guess a space ship comes around every night and plugs in a new recording) and began making remarks to try and ruin (Saturn) Mr. Gore's big day.

I don't think they succeeded, because Al Gore is a grown up in ways many Americans (and Gore's critics) will never be. (See Prairie Weather's blog linked above).

I recall that when Gore won the Academy Award for "An Inconvenient Truth," the same thing happened. I think that Gore's Venus on the Democratic Chart's Caput Algol Mercury is a set up that continually brings bad news or bad words his way no matter what his statesman like victories may be.

His progressed Sun at 8 Gemini is conjunct the royal fixed star ALDEBARAN. The Bush second inauguration Moon is also at 8 Gemini. The aforementioned conjoin the USA's vocal and radical politics Uranus. Aldebaran, Anne Wright's Fixed Stars

General influences of the star: It gives honor, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, a responsible position, public honors and gain of power and wealth through others, but its benefits seldom prove lasting and there is also danger of violence and sickness. (The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923).

As you can see, "seldom prove lasting" might (we'll have to test it out and see) might have something to do with how quickly spoilers enter the ring the minute Al Gore wins an award or a pundit remarks that Gore was right about everything George Bush has been so woefully wrong about lo the last 6 years. "Seldom lasting" certainly has proven meaning in the Second Inauguration chart Moon (in the first house of that chart). The carefully constructed papier mache "facade" of decency around Mr. Bush and his 2000 campaign remark of "restoring honor and decency to the White House" are now the subject of late night TV jokes.

Reality is the only inconvenient truth for the Straussian neocons and the Religious right wingers like James Dobsons (who beat his little dog with a belt to show it who's boss and laughed about it in one of his books) and seems to count for very little. That such frightening idiocy gained ascendancy, power and "consciousness" in American politics may be a function of the long-term Uranus-Neptune mutual reception we're under. What reality is now defined as is that which is manufactured through the use of electronic spin (Neptune in Aquarius) and illusion making (Uranus in Pisces).

Otherwise decent and law abiding people have been duped into supporting the current assault on the sane foundations of the United States through the Bush-Cheney fronters for a one party nation holding sway over the oil fields of the Middle East.

Gore's progressed Midheaven at 19 Gemini falls in his natal 11th house and is two degrees shy of his natal Uranus. The conjunction of his progressed Midheaven to natal Uranus occurs in October of 2010. I would mark the month before, during and after that conjunction as disruptive, surprising, unparalleled and highly charged in Mr. Gore's life vis a vis the United States Congress and the American people. If not Congress per se, it does speak of an unexpected change of status in connection with diplomacy, organizations, dedicated groups for change, as well as love given and received via public accolades and honors.

I don't think that Gore is going to run for president. His progressed Pluto at 12 Leo, while in a dramatic and highly persuasive sign, is parallel ALCYONE. Alcyone, Anne Wright's Fixed Stars.. The quick "read" on Alcyone is that it is a star of "great grief." Loss. I.e., Alcyone was on the Ascendant of the chart for the Senate's vote to impeach Bill Clinton. Saturn opposed that point for a long while during the debacle. The Saturn aspects in many charts studied during that time period showed that no one would win and no one would really lose, but both sides would sustain devastating political wounds.

I believe that Gore has sustained and knows he would sustain too many wounds should he run again. Since his progressed Pluto (parallel Alcyone) is in Leo, ruled by the Sun (and the Sun is the heart of the chart), I seriously doubt Mr. Gore wants any more heartbreak.

Starcats -- October 14, 2007. [Sorry for any errors. Mercury is retrograde.]

UPDATE, 10/16/07 -- Michael Wolfstar (NewsScope for October 16, 2007) on Al Gore

". . . As described eight months ago (NewsScope February 20, 2007), Gore's progressed Vesta focuses his attention on being an international crusader for the environment rather than compromising his values as a politician. It's highly unlikely that he will declare himself a candidate with transiting Mars spending the next seven months in his Twelfth House. Taking a bold step forward under this celestial condition would surely backfire.

Still, Gore will be a major influence on the political scene, since his progressed Venus is heading into a square with his Sun. This very favorable condition reaches maximum star power in mid-February, guaranteeing to attract enormous popularity at the height of the presidential primary season. As a savvy horse trader, he will most likely throw his abundant political capital behind the candidate who most supports his campaign against global warming.

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