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January 6, 2001 -- ABC News Online

"Jan. 6 — After today, there is no possibility for more recounts, appeals or objections. With Vice President Al Gore presiding over the ceremony, George W. Bush’s was declared the official winner of the tortuous 2000 presidential contest."

Democrats Protest

"But the ceremony was disrupted by a symbolic protest organized by the Congressional Black Caucus, complaining that the vote in Florida was unfair. One by one, 16 representatives, most of them African American, stood up to voice their objections. Under the rules, they were not allowed to debate their claims and were quickly silenced by Gore amid grumbling from Republicans. In a sometimes light-hearted exchange between Gore and some of the members, Gore rejected several motions to disband the session that is certifying the Electoral College vote. At one point, Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., among the objecting lawmakers, called out to Gore, 'We did all we could.'"-- ABC News Online

The chart for the Joint Session's ratification of Selection 2000 reveals how easy it was for Bush to slide into position for Inauguration 2001. The Ascendant, 17 Gemini, conjoins his progressed North Node. The very progressed aspects I believed would put Bush in the White House resonate like tuning forks with the ratification chart:

  1. Bush's natal Neptune (5 Libra) trines transiting Neptune at 5 Aquarius in the ratification chart.

  2. Bush's natal Jupiter (18 Libra) trines transiting Uranus at 18 Aquarius.

  3. Bush's progressed Venus (22 Libra), progressed Part of Fortune (23 Libra conjunct the lucky fixed star SPICA) and his progressed Jupiter (24 Libra) all trine the ratification chart's MC at 24 Aquarius.

  4. Bush's natal Juno (signifying political marriage) is conjoined to his natal Moon at 16 Libra. Both Moon and Juno conjunct the USA's natal Saturn in its 10th house of the President or "The Chief Executive" who signifies the rule of law. The aforementioned bodies trine Bush's progressed North Node and the Ascendant for the ratification chart.

  5. The vertex of the chart (place of "fated" relationships) is at 9 Scorpio, which conjoins Bush's natal Part of Fortune at 10 Scorpio. Indeed, the part of fortune in the ratification chart, 5 Scorpio, is precisely what Bush's part of fortune becomes if you relocate his chart to Washington, D.C.

Points 1 through 4 above represent several of the chief factors I used to predict a Bush victory in my article (July, 2000) published by Espirituality.com

Proceedings Opened At 1:10 PM EST²

The angles of the chart are fixed and cardinal:

  • 1:00 PM: Ascendant 15 Taurus:

    The GOP's natal Uranus is 15 Taurus.

  • 1:00 PM: The Midheaven is 27 Capricorn:

    The USA's natal Pluto in Capricorn (the power games behind "Law & Order") conjoins it.

  • 1:00 PM: The Fourth House Cusp (IC) is 27 Cancer:

    Bush's natal Saturn conjoins this cusp and opposes the USA's Pluto. January 6, 2001 reiterates the JFK Saturn-Pluto connection to the USA's chart.

  • The Moon (3 to 4 Gemini for the process) is moving to conjoin the GOP's natal Venus-Saturn conjunction. The ratification Moon and the GOP's Venus-Saturn in Gemini square transiting Venus at 3 Pisces. Have a look at the Emancipation Proclamation chart for the Virgo-Pisces contacts vis a vis slavery and servitude.

  • By 1:10 PM, the Ascendant (19 Taurus) opposed the GOP's natal Mercury conjoined to "the accursed degree of the accursed sign." (19 Scorpio, according to ancient astrologers).

  • By 1:30 PM EST, just after Rep. Chaka Fatteh (D-PA) read the Election Certification from the State of Florida ("Here's the one we've all been waiting for," said Fatteh), the Ascendant had moved to 25 Taurus 27, Caput Algol, conjunct Al Gore's Venus, Lieberman's Uranus, and the Democratic Party's natal mercury! The Midheaven had moved to 4 Aquarius (conjoined to transiting Neptune) placing Pluto (13 Sagittarius) deeply in the 7th house of chart, and in line for the coming transiting Moon's opposition to it which perfects at 6:07 AM EST, Sunday, January 7, 2001.

  • Can we expect the traditional media to cover today's protest by the African-American members of the House of Representatives with any depth? Not yet.³ In the days following the U.S. Extreme Court's gift package ruling to Bush, I've watched the traditional media "go schizophrenic." Suddenly shows about the "Transfer of Power" glut the network slots. It's all too pretty. Brian Wilson (MSNBC) and Wolf Blitzer (CNN) grin, and politely ask media cronies questions such as whether John Ass-croft will be confirmed as Bush's attorney general. [See charts for U.S. Supreme Court, Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justice Antonin Scalia.]

    Update: January 7, 2001

    Bernard Kalb of "Reliable Source" [CNN Cable Television] concluded this morning's program with remarks in connection with why the press loves Washington, D.C. He mentioned that leaks and scandals were the order of the day, so to speak. He said that George W. Bush is about to face a "collision with reality." He ended his short editorial by saying: "Welcome to Washington, Mr. President."

    Pundits continue to whine that "The American People are tired of this." [news of Selection 2000 malfeasance]. But in fact, America is not tired of it. And America will grow more angry between now and January 20, 2001 when the process meets Mars square Uranus and Mercury on Inauguration day. Mars square Uranus alone is explosive and is associated with terrorists, terrorism, violent activisim and plastic explosives. With Mercury locked inside this incendiary square -- the carrier of the "the message" -- perhaps the media will find out at last just how deep the collective's rage is becoming.

    In light of the fact that not one U.S. Senator signed the Black Caucus's (House of Representatives) protest objections (challenging Florida's certified electoral votes) brings Pluto's annihilation of trust (Pluto now transits the USA's first house, the house that describes "myths of the people") squarely to the table. Tuesday, January 9, 2001's Eclipse (Moon 19 Cancer/Sun 19 Capricorn) occurs a short 3 days after today's ratification of the President Select. This is enough time for news of it to impact the country. Uranus reaches 19 Aquarius (eclipse degree) by Inauguration 2001. Mercury and Mars will be at 16 Aquarius and 16 Scorpio, respectively. That is the degree of the ratification Capricorn Sun, symbol of the "father of the country," and repository for "the sacrifice."

    Regardless of how the Democratic Senate believes it can bypass these issues, "let" Dubya be president by blackmailing his administration for a 50% power and money split (in lieu of contesting his "win" in Congress), their illusions that such a trade off for future gains in 2004 are about to be smashed. When Jupiter goes direct on January 24, 2001 and applies to a conjunction with the USA's 7th house Uranus, I suspect something very different will unfold in America. It is time to fully ratify the Emancipation Proclamation once and for all.

    Update: January 7, 2001

    Karen McCauley of Astrodynamics of Oregon telephoned me this morning to inform me that veteran Washington reporter Cokie Roberts stated on January 7, 2001 on television news that the backroom 50-50 power/money split deal between Democrats and Republicans is indeed the case.

    I want to further mention the fact that it is my supposition that the U.S. Senate is exploiting the Black Caucus. Instead of challenging Election 2000 as they should have done, they tacitly sanctioned the Black Caucus's protest but refused to risk their own bread and butter by denying signature to the Caucus's objection petitions. Where were Chuck Schumer (D-New York) and Barbara Boxer (D-California) when the two states, with the largest electoral college votes, needed them?

    It is appalling to note that during a C-Span interview (January 6, 2001), George W. Bush (who was interviewed by the press while hosting yet another closed-door meeting with Republican Govenors in Austin, Texas) answered a reporter's question about the Black Caucus with the remark: "Well, I didn't expect everyone to vote for me."

    That rather sums up the veracity of Bush's claim that the Republican Party stands for "compassionate conservatism" and "inclusion."

    For chilling correspondences between Bush's natal Sun and the USA's Sun (13 Cancer), please read Peter Doughty's Solar Eclipse: Martin Luther King, Jr. Quoting Doughty: "A final note: at the time when King's body lost the fight, the local zenith was 13+° Cancer ­ in exact alignment with the USA Sun position ­ while the horizon and the setting Sun and Saturn aligned with the USA Saturn in Libra position, representing the national quest for peace with justice. [In mid-1997 to early 1998, Saturn returned to the same place in the zodiac.]"

    See, Peter Doughty's Disrespect

    You may also enjoy reading Starcats/Anima Mundi guest author Amir Bey's Malcolm X: An Astrological Profile.


    ¹ I would like to remark in passing that several individuals who read my article at Espirituality sent me anonymous hate mail. One, an astrologer, stated that my astrological technique was "suspect" and that my prediction revealed my political bias. The fact that I have been a registered Democrat for 30 years notwithstanding, those who criticized my astrological acumen and character have not come forward to proffer their apologies.

    ² Time source: C-SPAN Television Live Broadcast.

    ³ Transiting Mercury at 23 Capricorn for the ratification-of-the- chart conjoins the Moon's position for the Lunar Eclipse of June 16, 2000. The Eclipse Moon, at 24 Capricorn was conjunct the South Node of "Status Quo" conditions. It "resonates" again with Saturn's current position (24 Taurus retrograde). The June Eclipse Sun (24 Cancer, in orb of conjunction with Bush's natal Saturn/sextile today's Saturn) and the Eclipse Moon (trine today's transiting Saturn) are indicators of a drive-to-future-purpose founded upon the nostalgia of an idealized past.

    Last summer's eclipse was another one of the foreshadowings I noted in regard to a Bush win. The eclipse sensitized his natal Saturn and the USA's natal Pluto. The South Node in Capricorn (15°) has been telling throughout the judicial processes conducted in Florida and inside the U.S. Extreme Court. A Capricorn South Node "Saturnizes" by forcing dissenters to adhere to crystallized thought forms. There are saturnine strings attached to Bush's presidency, ones that bind him to his father, Cheney, and his newly appointed "old guard" cabinet.

    Of further import is the acknowledgement of the three Saturn-Uranus squares of 2000, which will realign three additional times in 2001. A Saturn-Uranus square indicates the developmental tension inherent in politics and governance. How much freedom (Uranus) does a government (Saturn) allow its citizens? The outdated, elitist Electoral College (Saturn) vs. high-tech voting machines (Uranus) are only part of the equation. When you have a citizenry comprised of individuals who were once slaves and who are still routed out by local law enforcement so that they cannot vote can only result in a Uranian shattering of the Republican narcissistic mirror.

    Retrograde Jupiter in Gemini (the sign associated with media) is associated with broken promises. If we expect "The Fourth Estate" to report fairly and accurately upon the State of the Nation, I've got an old election in Florida I'd like to sell you. The only thing that would roust the media out of its current lethargy is a scandal so mind-boggling they'd be assured of ratings and dollars from top advertisers. If Bush lives (Tecumseh's Curse), we may have to wait until 2003 for that.

    January 6, 2001, by Claudia D. Dikinis


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