U.S. Politics:
United States Senate

March 4, 1789 NS
9:00 AM LMT +4:56:02
New York, New York
40N42:51 74W00:23


"The First Senate convened on March 4, 1789 in an elegant second-floor chamber of New York City's newly remodeled Federal Hall. . . . On April 21 John Adams took his oath as vice president, thereby assuming his responsibility under the Constitution to serve as the Senate's president. Nine days later, House members again crowded into the Senate chamber to witness George Washington's inauguration."

U.S. Senate History

No time is known for the actual meeting of the first Senate, so use the 9:00 AM time with caution.

Additional Senate Data

U.S. Senate Moves to Capital Building in D.C.
November 21, 1800 NS
9:00 AM LMT +5:08:09
Washington, D.C.
38N53:42 77W02:12

U.S. Senate Moves to Its Permanent Meeting Place
January 4, 1859 NS
9:00 AM LMT +5:08:09
Washington, D.C.
38N53:42 77W02:12

Note: NS=New Style (Calendar)


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