Elections: The Next Octave


Sue Miller has been a yoga instructor for 30 years. She has taught in both hospital and university settings. Dr. Swami Gitananda in Pondicherry, India has listed her by name and number in the World Computer of Certified Yoga Instructors under his tutelage. Sue uses astrology as an aid in healing herself and others, and has applied the use of cell salts in her healing work. You can write to Sue at: Sue Miller.


Elections are one of the most useful tools in an astrologer*s bag. There are many suggestions for interpretation and many books offering solutions. Here is one suggestion not normally utilized: It has proven most successful and I pass it on for your own trial application.

But first, for those not familiar with this facet of astrology, Elections are set up to predetermine the best time to initiate an Event. For instance one of my clients wanted to know when the best time would be to open a Health Food Store based on Natural Foods. She also inquired about the location best suited for the clientele she needed to attract.

One needs to know which House is representative of the desired project. Then one needs to determine which planet, or planets, are representative of the materials needed for the said project. The Health Food Store would equate with "a storehouse for storing grains", and according to William Lilly (Christian Astrology p94) is under the domain of Gemini. We next find in The Rulership Book by Rex Bills that the 7th House, Libra and Moon are significators for *those who deal with the public* (p113). He also suggests Mercury, Virgo, Moon, Cancer, Jupiter and 6th House for *stores and storekeepers* (p137)

This having been determined, they should be placed appropriately on the chart wheel. Use an ephemeris (or a software program allowing animation) and try various dates, adjusting it until an optimal time is derived. Keep the square aspects at a minimum and the trines at optimal placement. Favor Sun and Moon. This is almost like trying on clothing in a store, discarding some and carrying one home to pay for and enjoy. It demands a commitment when to make the best call. There is never a perfect time since a favored planet may turn up retrograde, phase of the Moon less than desirable, or a restriction from the Ancients warning of limitation. One must use intuition to supplement the best of rules laid down. Commit.

The Chart I arrived at is for Oct 24 2001 at 7:34 pm in Pittsburgh Pa 79w59 46, 40n26 26:

I have a Gemini ascendant (healthy grains). I have an Aquarius Midheaven, Aquarius signifying knowledge, friendship, lectures (which she is planning), new teachings, and research workers (she plans to do some research into organic methods). The Moon at Midheaven, is trine Venus (in 5th) and trine Saturn(in 1st). This placement suggests safety through Saturn and money through Venus in her own sign. The designated 7th House (those who deal with the public) is ruled by Jupiter in Cancer( both for storekeepers) in the second house of income. The 6th House has the Sun trine North Node (represents the Public) in 1st. We have met all of the hoped-for stipulations for a successful Health Food Store. The Wednesday Opening will be promptly at 7:54 pm with a First Quarter Moon and Mercury having just gone direct.

NOW, having established the best time for the desired endeavor, where should it be placed? This is what I mentioned at the top of the discussion as being unique to Event Charts. Of course, if the practitioner has at hand, a natal chart for the client, Astro-Locality Maps may be drawn up for the client personally, then reinforced by drawing up a similar map based on the Birth of the Event.

Let*s look: I have used Kepler*s Astrology program and typed in the "Event" information as if it had been a birth. The lines focused my activity Southeast and Northwest of Pittsburgh where the Moon would sextile Midheaven for the store. I further brought in the *Planetary Lines* for my location using Solar Maps Software. These lines show the intrinsic stimulus of each planet in relation to the store. I can now determine where to focus advertising and supplier direction.

Should you who are reading this draw up your own charts to check this out, you will find the Sixth House lines from Pittsburgh go through Sioux Falls SD and Vancouver. This suggests further lines of focus for directing sales and purchase needs.

She asked this question of me at the very beginning of 2001 so has had time to pursue the information. She got in her car with a compass and detailed maps of the area of value and came upon it in a rather short time. It is now almost "show time" and we are all most excited.

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