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August 29, 1938
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Washington Post -- June 2, 2001 --

"Senator John McCain of Arizona, in a widening rift with President Bush and the Republican Party's dominant conservative wing, is talking with advisers about leaving the GOP and launching a third-parpty challenge to Bush in 2004, those close to the senator say." Such a move in not imminent, they say. For th enear term, McCain, who upset Bush in the 2000 New Hampshire primary and won 5 million votes in the primaries, will work to build a centrist faction within the GOP to mi9rror the moderate 'New Democrats.'"

M eanwhile, McCain flips burgers with Tom Daschle [D-SD] this weekend at a private BBQ in Arizona. But nothing is "imminent."

"But if Bush struggles as president [sic], and if McCain loses on key issues such as defense funding and campaign finance reform, advisers say he may challenge Bush in the same way Teddy Roosevelt, McCain's hero, battled a conservative Republican, William Howard Taft, in 1912. . . . Over the last two years, McCain has severed almost all ties to the conservative wing of the GOP. . . ."

McCain supports such Dem policies as patients' rights, fewer tax breaks for the rich, and new gun control measures. The Washington Post goes on to say: "Whether or not McCain leaves the GOP, he has transformed himself from quirky conservative before the 2000 campaign to spokesman for an embattled liberal wing of the Republican Party today. Whatever McCain does, it is clear he will continue to be a thorn in the side of Bush, who is already weakened by the defection from the GOP of Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords."

Below you'll find the text of the original article I wrote on McCain dated March 9, 2000. Review the material, then follow along with Starcats' June 2, 2001 McCain Update.

March 9, 2000

March 9, 2000 marks the turning point in Election 2000. John's McCain's decision to concede to George W. Bush within hours of Bradley's decision vis a vis Gore is no coincidence.

Tri-wheel: [chart & article at bottom of page/original Starcats article]

Inner Wheel: Declaration of Independence
Middle Inner Wheel: Transits March 9, 2000
Outer Wheel: John McCain


McCain's Moon-Pluto Opposition lies across the USA's 2nd house/8th house axis and squares transiting Mars in the 4th house.

Mars will perfect the T-square by March 21, 2000 (28 Aries), thus relaunching the transiting Mars Square Pluto themes of January 19, 2000. This is the transit that initiated dirty campaign tactics employed by candidates on both sides in an effort to undermine (Pluto) the competition (Mars). It is clear that McCain's efforts to survive (Pluto-Moon) Bush's telephonic and TV attacks (3rd house) [orchestrated by Karl Rove, graduate of the Lee Atwater School of cannibalistic politics] resulted in his "shooting himself in the foot." (March 9, 2000 Transiting Sun at 19 Pisces conjoined to McCain's natal Saturn in the USA's 3rd house and Transiting Sun/McCain's Saturn in square to the USA's Mars in the 7th house of adversaries). It appears that the Aries Ingress (March 20, 2000) when the Sun reaches 0 Aries (the position of McCain's Solar Arc Directed Moon in opposition to SA Pluto at 0 Libra as of September 1, 2000) may result in McCain reinventing himself and running for office under a different banner. However, the part of fortune in the Aries Ingress chart (not shown) is 12 Cancer. Bush's Sun is 13 Cancer, conjunct the USA's Sun and the greatly fortunate fixed star, Sirius. McCain's chart doesn't show the moxie necessary to override this. [Not during Election 2000].

McCain won't go away, but the way in which he pursues his ambitions won't be fully known until his Solar Arc Moon (29 Pisces) enters Mars-driven Aries. His SA Moon (29 Pisces) opposes Bradley's natal Neptune (29 Virgo), and as seen above ("Why Bradley Lost"), Neptune and its rulership of key planets (i.e., the Moon is the "timer") shows where loss and sacrifice are most likely to occur. Neptune's steady leaking out of directed power (A natal Capricorn Moon is instinctively ambitious, security oriented and driven to be an authority) would create high anxiety in a man like McCain. A progressed or Solar Arc Moon at the last degree of Pisces is unstable at best. It may be a call to spiritual reassessment and sacrifice of worldly ambition for a higher order, but these things are not common life goals for politicians. Bradley and McCain show character in how they are handling their losses, but the undercurrents of disappointment at the masculine (Sun) "failure" to "compete" (Mars) is difficult to integrate for such men.

Three Factors Crashed McCain:

1. Bush's accusation that McCain was not really pro-life.

2. McCain's bashing of the Far Right Christian Coalition. ((N) Mars square Uranus: "The Angry Reformer")

3. Bush's ad accusing McCain of failing to support women's breast cancer cures.

USA's Sun at 13 in Cancer (women, breasts, pregnancy) square the USA's natal Saturn at 14 Libra (Saturn in its exaltation: permanence of the rule of law). The USA has had problems in regards to women and women's rights since the formation of the 13 colonies. {An oft overlooked "voice" for women was Abigail Adams who wrote her husband, John, that he should see to it that women and their rights were secured in the United States Constitution lest a backlash of unprecedented proportions occur. The rest has yet to become "herstory as well as "his."}.

The current transiting YOD (finger of God) in the USA's chart is comprised of Pluto quincunx the USA's Sun; quincunx transiting Saturn with the sextile between the USA's Sun and transiting Saturn completing the configuration.

The YOD impacts McCain's natal 2nd house (substance and personal support); 8th house (shared resources/resources borrowed and given); and the 9th house (USA Sun at 13 Cancer 3 degrees shy of McCain's MC). The Sun so close to the MC doesn't help McCain as the USA's Sun is square its Saturn (which falls in McCain's 12th house of "undoing"). The USA's Saturn is disposited by McCain's Venus, which is in fall at 22 Virgo.

The key to the YOD is the fact that McCain's natal Mars (12 Leo) squares Saturn, one of the spokes of the YOD. Pluto's trine to McCain's natal Mars fueled his hot temper which ran amok when he trashed Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell of the Far Right Christian Coalition. Do not underestimate the power and money base amassed by this group. The organized and undermining force behind the Coalition's interference with the political process is a direct result of Pluto's transit through Sagittarius.

Further, the release point for the Yod is Pluto in Sagittarius: "the marriage of heaven and hell." Pluto rules the underworld, and Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is ruler of the natural 9th house, the house of God's joy. Pluto applies to a conjunction with its Jupiter ruler at 15 Sagittarius in McCain's chart. His "preaching" (Jupiter rules preaching and preachers) against obvious bigotry at a time when transiting saturn applies to an inconjunction with natal Jupiter undermined (Pluto) McCain's chances to hang on to the prize.



Neptune is associated more than any other planet with subversion, perhaps because of its rulership of ideals and links wiht the 'deal society'. Hence it rules socialism, and all new visions and dreams of the perfect society, and the people who promote such dreams. . . . it can also rule delusions and therefore disillusion, glamor, the arts, fashion, a nation's self-image and the image presented to others. . . ."

Mundane Astrology, by Michael Baigent, Nicholas Campion and Charles Harvey, The Aquarian Press, London, England, 1984, p. 224.


Uranus, more than any other planet, has characteristics derived from its association with mundane affairs. . . . Uranus is therefore linked to all revolutions and innovations in society, the need of the collective to permit or deny itself change, and upheaval at all levels in a nation. It rules political revolutions, economic change, strikes, political dissidents, wars . . . reforms, heavy industry, new technology, and all those who promote such ideas and events."

Id. at p. 223.

Starcats, March 9, 2000

June 2, 2001

" McCain won't go away, but the way in which he pursues his ambitions won't be fully known until his Solar Arc Moon (29 Pisces) enters Mars-driven Aries."

McCain's Progressed Mars at 22 Virgo (progressed chart not shown) now conjoins the USA's natal Neptune. I have likened the USA's Neptune in Virgo as the utopian pursuit of the "pure" ideas expressed in both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. As witnessed by Pluto's transit through Sagittarius (the "True Believer's Jihad" -- USA's Right Wing/Afghanistan's Taliban/Israeli-Palestinian attachment to "Holy Lands"), etc.), McCain's progressed Mars becomes this Senator's mobilization point for reigning in what he sees as a wrong turn taken by the GOP. It is, in part, the messaniac urge to save America (or the GOP) from its own evil.

It is well-known that McCain's temper (natal Uranus square Mars) and deeply entrenched commitment to power brokering (natal Moon opposite Pluto/Moon conjunct USA's Pluto) would set him at odds with Bush and his enablers -- his co-alcoholic administration. (Bush is a "dry drunk." That is, an alcoholic who has no program of recovery. "Self-will run riot.") [As an aside, transiting Neptune (now retrograde) is crossing Bush's 7th house cusp. His "house of relationships" is not only impacted by his Big Oil partners but by his daughters' recent run-ins with the law involving alcoholic beverages. Neptune's transit through Bush's 7th house is a long one. It may be that his twin daughters take center stage by becoming poster children for young adult recovery centers.]

McCain's progressed Mercury, 29 Libra 49, is November 7, 2000's (Election 2000) retrograde Mercury that reached 0 Scorpio late in the night by its direct motion. The three-time flip flop of media calls on Election 2000's victor is mirrored by current political party flip flops (Jeffords' defection and currently McCain's backroom flirtations with Daschle and the Dems). McCain's progressed Mercury takes a transiting Mercury trine (29 Gemini) this weekend as he entertains the Daschles at his Arizona ranch.

Transiting Mercury turns retrograde on Monday, June 3, 2001 at 1:22 AM, EDT, in Washington, DC. This Mercurial doubling back over Election 2000's sensitive points and "looking back" over Jeffords' GOP defection will, undoubtedly, spawn paranoia in the Bush White House; launch another nasty rumor campaign via Karl Rove; and renew drastic partisan blood-letting at the time of the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 5, 2001 -- the day the Democrats officially become the majority party in the U.S. Senate. The GOP in the Senate is already threatening a filibuster. McCain will take center stage at this time as the Sagittarius Full Moon (15°) conjoins his natal politicizing Jupiter, which has been and will be, under the militarizing-of-truth from transiting Pluto. It would be naive to underestimate how much McCain dislikes George W. Bush. The Incendiary quality of McCain's disgust is mirrored in his Solar Arc Uranus: 13 Cancer -- which conjoins Bush's natal Sun and the USA's natal Sun. McCain's Solar Arc Uranus squares the USA's Saturn at 14 Libra in its 10th house -- the rule of law (read justice for all) as its highest value. McCain's Uranus square Saturn is clearly the tug of war between the Bush status quo and much needed reform for all Americans. McCain is fully energized to play the part of Bush spoiler.

Since Jeffords' defection from the GOP, I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Regardless of how nauseating Rove's rhetoric has been, the fact that there has been no "real execution" of Lott, McCain, Jeffords, et al., makes me wonder. I think it is highly unlikely that the GOP extremists will actually allow what Lott calls "The coup of one" to succeed without hell to pay. This White House has demonstrated a complete lack of empathy for its own party members and continues to polarize the world's view of America via its isolationist, self-centered grip on power. Bush reminds me of a bully let loose in the candy store without adult supervision.

Mercury's three-week retrograde will find us revisiting all the themes of Bush's "First Hundred Daze," but I suspect that major pay-back for Jeffords' party switch is in the making. McCain will need to watch his back closely. His Solar Arc Venus is 26 Scorpio, opposite Caput Algol -- the classic "beheading" fixed star. In two-plus years (2003 -- exploratory committee time for presidential hopefuls) his solar arc Saturn will conjoin Caput Algol.

Update, June 3, 2001

NYTMaureen Dowd, Sunday, June , 2001 --

"I called Senator McCain at his cabin to see if he was still a Republican. 'This is just a social thing,' he insisted, as the Reed family arrived and his spaniel barked in the background. 'I assure you, I am not becoming an independent or a Democrat. Period.'"

"Bill Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, agreed: 'He hasn't crossed the bridge in his mind, but the logic of events may push him there. I wouldn't be surprised if he did it in a year or two.'" [emphasis added.] [2002-2003: McCain's Solar Arc Saturn conjoins Caput Algol.]

[Weekend of McCain/Daschle/Reed BBQ in Arizona]

If McCain should opt to cast his lot with the Democratic Party, his Solar Arc Saturn will conjoin the Democratic Party's natal Mercury. As you recall, Gore's natal Venus (impacted by transiting Saturn at the time) conjoins the Democratic Party's natal Mercury, as does Lieberman's natal Uranus. Gore lost the election and the Dems lost their minds as of Inauguration 2001. McCain would do better to become an Independent by following in Jeffords' footsteps rather then risk the double-stoke of his upcoming Solar Arc Saturn's conjunction to Caput Algol. Our mavericks give us hope. And right now we need it.

June 2, 2001 -- Starcats


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