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Updated May 23, 2001

May 11, 1934
12:00 PM EST +5:00
Rutland, Vermont
43N36:38 072W58:23
Asc: Birth Time Unknown

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Updates, May 23, 2001

From the Associated Press --

"It's like a funeral here," said one senior aide as the president and his high command contemplated the impact on Bush's legislative program.

"Jeffords, a moderate in a party of conservatives, told reporters in the Capitol he had made up his mind about his political future and would fly home to Vermont to make an announcement on Thursday. 'I want to go home to my people,' he said."

Jeffords' "Ceres Connection":

"Democrats have quietly courted Jeffords in recent weeks, offering him the chairmanship of the Environment and Public Works Committee if he bolts the GOP, according to sources familiar with the discussions, as well as retention of his seat on the tax-writing Senate Finance Committee."

Commentary Updates

Jeffords' progressed Sun and Pluto are at 24 Cancer, conjoined to the USA's natal Mercury (retrograde). Sun-Pluto represents the conscious will towards power. In combination with the USA's retrograde Mercury, Jeffords' progressed Sun-Pluto indicate a deep psychological shift; a revisioning of the use of power. Since Cancer (and Leo) relate to family loyalty (in this case the "family" of one's political affiliation), the current Gemini transits (Sun, Mercury and Saturn) are creating friction in the "family" politic. Transiting Mercury is semi-sextile the USA's retrograde Mercury (and Jeffords' progressed Sun-Pluto). This places Jeffords' squarely in the crucible of tough decision making.

The eighth house (Scorpio-Pluto's natural house) of loss, death, irrevocable change and deep psychological transformation is where we find Jeffords' Sun-Pluto progression linked to the USA's natal Mercury. Since the USA's Mercury and Jeffords' progressed Sun-Pluto conjoins Bush's natal Saturn in his 12th house of self-undoing, it is easy to see that Dubya's hard alignment with the far right of the GOP is precisely what Jeffords is protesting. Bush, hell-bent on paying off party extremists, has ditched his GOP moderate base. In light of the fact that his administration will weaken considerably via Jeffords' GOP defection, Dubya will be forced to either moderate his policies or spend the next three years in the oval office watching baseball. However, as Peter Jennings once stated, "24 hours in politics is a very long time." There are no guarantees against a democratic senator flipping over to the GOP side. I suspect that Dubya's forces will move quickly to court possible Dem defectors. Because of the volatility clearly seen in the Inauguration chart, we cannot assume that the GOP will take this one lying down. Hard line movers and shakers will extract a price by blaming Democrats for what they are too blind to see. Ruthless GOP operatives will stop at nothing to realign the Senate's majority in their favor.


It looks like Dubya and the GOP are about to experience some pain. Oh, gee. Senator James Jeffords (R-VT) is set to announce his defection from the Republican Party On Wednesday, May 23, 2001. As Jeffords rushes headlong into the arms of the Democrats, Internet and television news pundits report that the Dems have assured him safe sanctuary. He'll need it. As the ranks of Jim Baker, Barbara Olson, Karen Hughes, and Karl Rove close to plan damage control, invective delivered by specially appointed GOP spinmeisters will get ugly: Transiting Mercury in Gemini is quickly moving toward its opposition to retrograde Mars and Chiron in Sagittarius. [Exact Saturday, May 26, 2001]. Talking points derived from this planetary set-up will be appalling.

On May 25, 2001, The USA's progressed Moon reaches 26 Taurus -- Caput Algol -- which, frighteningly enough, conjoins the Democratic Party's natal Mercury and Jeffords' natal Ceres. As you will see from a quote I selected from an Associated Press article (below), the asteroid Ceres, associated with agriculture, may be the first victim in Dubya's compassionate conservative Jihad. In other words, heads are going to roll. Political heads and heads of cattle.

But wait! It gets worse! The USA's progressed Sun at 26 Aquarius squares its progressed Caput Algol Moon. Twenty-six degrees (the degree of the USA's natal Vertex - fated relationships) is supercharged by the USA's progressed Lunar Nodes:

North Node: 26 Cancer (conjunct Bush's 12th house, stealthy Saturn). South Node: 26 Capricorn (conjunct the USA's natal Pluto-crat).

Planets, whether natal, progressed or in transit to the lunar nodes set off some rather dismal political events. [See my article updating the Middle East Situation to see how nodal contacts are at work in Israel.]

Senate Is Now A Democrat Majority

Tom Daschle (D-SD) is Senate Majority Leader

"Jeffords is among a dwindling band of moderate Republicans in an increasingly conservative party. . . . His relations with the White House have been particularly strained in recent weeks, fallout from Jeffords' decision to oppose Bush's budget and his call for a $1.6 trillion tax cut over ten years." -- Associated Press, May 22, 2001.

But the fallout for Jeffords has barely begun. Transiting Saturn just crossed his natal Chiron (3 Gemini) in the days preceding tonight's newsbreak. Recently, Jeffords met Bush and Cheney at the White House in a closed-door session. The Creep and the Veep hoped to badger Jeffords out of his decision. One can imagine how "compassionately conservative" that conversation must have been. The jab of the GOP's poisoned arrow (Saturn-Chiron), replete with threats of retribution, make clear Chiron's price: a wound that cannot heal. Jeffords' Saturn at 27 Aquarius conjoins the USA's rebellious Aquarian Moon. By November 26, 2001, the USA's progressed Sun will be in orb of conjunction to the aforementioned. Between now and then, splits, fractures and isolated "moves" on the part of both Democrats and Republicans will serve to further disaffect the body politic. At the time of the USA's "dark of the sun," we may see planned domestic terrorism as well as spontaneous mob violence. Jeffords' stabilizing Saturn may call upon him to shoulder the burden of sanity maker.

In the same Associated Press article cited above, Special Correspondent David Espo reports that "some GOP aides have whispered that the White House might retaliate by seeking changes in a dairy support system that benefits farmers in Vermont and the Northeast. . ." First it's inflated gas prices bleeding Americans, now it's food -- Jeffords' natal Ceres on Caput Algol. [The Ceres connection is what I warned you about earlier in this article.]

It is well-known that Jeffords has voted along democratic lines throughout his years of service as a U.S. Senator. His switch to the Democratic Party may not be surprising in another context, except for the fact that a growing number of Republican moderates are grumbling about the GOP's extreme right wing shift. This threatens Bush. He's already in deep shit over congressional delays in passing his tax cut legislation. He needs this to legitimize his presidency [sic]. The tax cut was at the top of his campaign agenda, and failing to deliver the bucks to the upper eschelons (who bought him White House) will cripple his administration.

Further, Bush needs to sell the faux energy crisis to America so that Haliburton, Enron, Shell and Exxon, et al. can be reimbursed for their campaign contributions. However, the media's release of facts surrounding the "energy crisis" will soon cast a "darker future" over the White House. As reported on MSNBC Cable News this evening, the USA has 110 billion barrels of oil in reserve -- enough to fuel the nation for the next 24 years. Gas prices are already leveling off. There simply is no energy crisis and civilization will continue, even if Dubya doesn't get what he wants. At any rate, you can see why Jeffords' defection has the Bush camp steaming. It will be made worse the moment Dem. Tom Daschle steps into his role as Senate Majority leader -- ousting Rep. Trent Lott from his coveted post.

On July 10, 2001, The Republican Party will experience another Saturn Return (natal Saturn 10 Gemini). Further, Gemini-Saturn will make two oppositions to Pluto on July 30 and October 30, 2001. The Saturn Pluto opposition will exacerbate a YOD (aspect of fate) in the GOP's Chart:

  1. Natal Sun 14 Cancer quincunx transiting Pluto
  2. Natal Sun quincunx environmental Ceres at 15 Aquarius
  3. The Saturn-Pluto Opposition (associated with fascism) will square progressed GOP "Oil" Neptune (13 Pisces)
  4. The Saturn-Pluto Opposition will square progressed Vertex -- fated relationships. This T-square formation releases out of the GOP's progressed Saturn at 12 Gemini retrograde.

This set-up spells trouble for the GOP as the planet players in the above-mentioned (stressful) configurations speak boldly of setbacks for Bush. Power games (Pluto), Security (Cancer Sun) and the environment (Ceres) will be damaged by Saturn's penchant for limitation and ruination. Saturn in Gemini is also associated with feelings of suffocation and isolation. It also is associated with breathing problems. The air quality in the hot summer months may be poisonous. Don't be surprised if Bush hides at his Crawford, Texas ranch all summer long. He has state of the art technology insuring him the widest possible environmental protections. The rest of us??

Currently, transiting Neptune is crossing Bush's 7th house of partnerships. We know who he's in bed with. Big Oil. As Neptune retrogrades, we'll be treated to more Bush prevarications as he seeks to spin the energy crisis straight into his wallet. The backlash from Jeffords' defection will be brutal barely allowing the Dems a moment to celebrate. The price paid for Jeffords' party shift will be all too clear by the Full Moon on June 5, 2001. At 15 Sagittarius, the Moon will release on Pluto at 6:45 pm, EST -- a short six days before Timothy McVeigh is scheduled to be executed.

Starcats - May 23, 2001.


"Whether Jeffords formally joined the Democrats or simply went independent, the effect would be to throw control of the Senate to the Democratic Party, promoting Tom Daschle of South Dakota to majority leader. The Democrats would take control of the Senate legislative process. Democratic committee chairmen would decide what bills would get hearings and what measures would be allowed to reach the Senate floor." -- MSNBC


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