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"Gary Condit (D - CA - 18) is a former California state legislator and city and county official. A moderate Democat, Condit was a founding member of the Blue Dogs Coalition -- a group of like-minded moderate-to-conservative Democrats in the House. He was first elected to the U.S. House in 1988. He represents California's 18th Congressional District." -- [courtesy of Yahoo]

Hometown: Ceres
Birthplace: Tulsa (Salina), OK
Birthday: 04/21/1948
Religion: Baptist
Marital: M
Spouse: Carolyn

Condit's Birth Time Is Speculative:¹

10 Leo Ascendant

Whether Gary Condit has Leo on the Ascendant or not, his triple conjunction (Pluto, Saturn, Mars) places him in that phase of the baby boomer generation noted for its Saturn-Pluto conjunction (1947-1948). High profile politicians bearing the weight of that conjunction are Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al and Tipper Gore and George W. Bush. Clinton, Gore, Bush and Condit also have a personal planet such as Mars or Venus in tight conjunction with Saturn-Pluto.

Relentless obsession is caught up inside Saturn-Pluto. The conjunction ruler, Leo Sun, is firery intuitive "trust" ever igniting its own downside -- the achilles heel of narcissism. The reflecting pond is extroverted success -- the retailing and marketing of "self" as seen through others' eyes. It is America's supreme value. The measure of "American success."²

Gary Condit is no different. Known as "Mr. Blowdry," by his House colleagues, the bass weejan, "GQ" Congressman has a head of hair that rivals any self-respecting lion's mane. From the beginning of the search for Chandra Levy, Condit has appeared to be far more interested in saving his political career than in saving Ms. Levy. Regardless of what the pundits spin on networks such as Fox ("The Bush Network") or CNN, Condit delayed any investigation into Chandra's whereabouts by withholding the facts of his relationship with her. Yes, he had an affair with her. But her disappearance does not mean that he murdered her. As of this date (July 24, 2001), there are no hot leads, no corpus delecti, and not one solid clue to lead the D.C. police to Chandra Levy. In other words, there is not one scintilla of evidence to indict Gary Condit.

That being said, Condit cannot be let off the hook for stalling the investigation by shrouding his affair with Levy in secrecy. The trail to Chandra went cold all too quickly, and Condit's dumping of a watch box into a public trash can in Alexandria, Virginia (hours before the cops searched his apartment) didn't look good either. The watch box Condit discarded was one that had originally contained a gift given him by yet another former lover under the age of 30. Condit's failure to voluntarily come forward and speak directly to his constiuency (and apologize to the Levy's for wasting valuable police time) has spawned renewed suspicions of the Congressman. If this man is innocent, then "he's dumber than a brick," or so says Geraldo Rivera (Rivera Live, Cable TV News). His attorney, Abbe Lowell and P.R. pundit, Marina Ein counsel Condit to stay silent. The problem with that is, "why?" Condit's reticence is precisely what continues to damage him.

Condit made his name in Modesto, California (the District he represents) by supporting the agricultural community. He is currently on the House Agriculture committee, and but for the Chandra case, there would be no TV footage of his participation in these meetings. Condit's Venus, ruler of his Taurus Sun, conjoins one of the royal fixed stars: Rigel. Rigel is associated with agriculture and bumper crops. The sign Taurus is not too shabby in that regard either. This snappy dresser has two identities: Mr. Blowdry in Washington, and the motorcycle rider in Modesto, California. He is friends with the Hell's Angels bikers group and enjoys the great outdoors. Although Condit doesn't look much like a farmer, he has brought the bacon home to Modesto, California since elected to the House in 1988.

Condit is a Blue Dog Democrat³ holding tremendous trust with his strongly Republican (rural) constituency. There are two Condits, as mentioned above, and there are at least two Americas: urban/suburban and rural. Condit, with his Venus conjunct Uranus in Gemini, seems to be able to bridge both worlds. But now he pays the price.


Condit's natal YOD draw him into Chandra's YOD and into a fated alignment:

The Yod is comprised of:

  1. Venus conjunct Uranus in Gemini in sextile to
  2. Natal Mercury in Aries (conjunct Chandra's Sun and South Node)
  3. Both quincunx Chiron in Scorpio
  4. Chiron is the release point for the Yod
  5. Venus, Uranus, Mercury and Chiron: muliple sexual affairs of an unusual nature that bring issues of sex and death to critical mass in Condit's life.

Condit's progressed Sun (May 1, 2001) was 22 Gemini, and by chart overlay is wedged between Condit's natal Venus-Uranus conjunction, tipping off his natal Yod. His powerful progressed Sun, in dual Gemini (disposited by Condit's Mercury ruler in conjunction to Chandra's Sun-South Node), hurls its rays into the Yod's release point: Chiron in Scorpio -- the keeper and releaser of wounds connected with sex and death. The aforementioned strong Mercury contacts between Condit's Yod and Chandra's chart worked "brilliantly" to supercharge this case causing media frenzy.

His Yod (see bi-wheel chart) is set off by the square from Chandra's Natal Moon-Mars conjunction in Pisces. Condit has no water in his chart. Chandra brought the water to him with her Moon-Mars conjunction. Whereas Condit may have felt he was drowning in her watery preoccupation with him, that doesn't mean he did away with her [remember, we have no evidence to support that]. At the very least, it made him want to run, and he's been running ever since.

Condit's lack of water is chiefly responsible for the way he is perceived: cold, aloof, self-obsessed and uncompassionate. In point of fact, Condit really cannot act any other way. Without someone to carry his water for him (and most likely his wife has been doing that throughout his marriage), Condit comes off dry. That is what makes him appear suspect, even without evidence to indict him. Something is "off" in Condit, and it has to do with his lack of empathic waters(4).

Mars's retrograde cycle this year will make a total of three hits to Condit's political Jupiter (28 Sagittarius) and his Vertex (23 Sagittarius), the place of "fated relationships." His natal Uranus is in "vertex degree" as is his very public Mercury in Aries, which is set off by Mars's triple hits to natal Jupiter and the Vertex. December 14, 2001's eclipse at 22 Sagittarius will re-ignite Condit's Vertex and Jupiter, so it would appear that even if the case goes dormant for awhile, it will not disappear at year's end. Condit's own natal Mars at 21 Leo squares natal Chiron, thus reactivating the YOD monthly whenever the transiting Moon either squares natal Mars, Chiron, or opposes it. When Luna enters the signs Aries and Gemini, she also tips off Condit's Yod giving him difficult hours or a day or so more of escalated press coverage.

At the time of this writing, the media are backing off from the Chandra story because there just isn't anymore news to report. Condit may, later this week, work privately with the FBI in developing a psychological portrait of Chandra in hopes that it will assist the Bureau in its investigations. The Levy's released another video of Chandra today, a talkie, in hopes of keeping their daughter in the limelight. But once it becomes necessary to leak new videos instead of evidence, rumor or inuendo, the time for public displays of Chandra may be coming to a close. Condit continues to face not only public suspicion of guilt, but also the possiblity that his political career is now over. He has stated that he'll run for his House seat again in 2002. Whether or not he wins depends on Chandra -- if she's found. And if not, how many forget.

July 24, 2001, Starcats.


¹ Thanks to Dorothy Kovach for rectified birth time. Ms. Kovach and I urge "caution" when using the data, as Condit's true birth time is not known. Speculative birth times are often useful for getting "into the chart," but such times cannot be stated as "true times." Visit Astrodata Bank for Lois Rodden's chart data rating system.

² Not all baby boomers are caught up in the pursuit of self-glory, nor are all boomers narcissistic in the extreme. Politicians and pop culture stars model these strong planetary conjunctions for us in an extreme fashion by virtue of their high profile presence on the world stage.

³ Blue Dog Democrats, of which Condit is a founder, are moderate House Democrats who often vote with Republicans on many issues.

4. When a chart lacks an essential element (fire, earth, air, water), the person will either seek to overcompensate for the missing element by overdeveloping the "idea" of it, or he/she will find friends and mates who are willing to carry it for them.


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