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January 22, 2001 -- MSNBC News Online

"President George W. Bush got down to business Monday, blocking U.S. funding to international groups involved with abortion. . ."

"Facing another controversy, the Bush administration said Monday it would move quickly to open an Alaskan wildlife refuge to oil and gas drilling, pointing to California's electricity crisis as evidence the nation desperately needs more fuel."

Starcats' Note: The new regime wants to blame Bill Clinton for the California Energy Crisis by accusing him of mismangement vis a vis the EPA and Bill Richards. In point of fact, Governor Pete Wilson, REPUBLICAN (ousted by Democrat Gray Davis), deregulated California's utililties in 1996.

The July 16, 2000 Lunar Eclipse (Sun 24 Cancer/Moon 24 Capricorn in aspect to Dubya's natal Saturn at 26 Cancer) was the harbinger of Calfornia's crisis and occured a month after the bullshit "gas shortage" which commenced in June 2000. The Big Three oil companies reported record profits during their 3rd quarter of 2000. These events ran concurrent with Cheney's resignation from Halliburton Oil and subsequent acceptance of VEEP position for the Bush Jihad. How long until either Bush wags the dog or Saddam Hussein wags the camel??¹

Men in Black

Dubya's Black Monday

The Chart for Dubya's first Monday in office finds the politicizing asteroid Pallas in the 10th house of the chart at 0° Sagittarius, on route to a conjunction with the U.S. Constitution's natal Moon (5° Sagittarius) in its 10th house on February 5, 2001.

The Constitution (and Declaration of Independence) Moon refers to "the people," and, in cases that deal with women's rights, the Declaration of Independence's Moon (in Aquarius) indicates a detachment or a coldness when it comes to consideration of women's issues. Remember, women did not gain the right to suffrage until the 1920's. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 19th century women's rights advocates, did not live to see the dream of women's suffrage manifest in a Constitutional Amendment.

Throughout the USA's history, the rights of women, African Americans, Native Americans and gays have taken a back seat to commerce and technology. The so-called forward reaching Uranian principles inherent in the 13 Colonies' revolution, have their underpinnings in the traditional rulership of the USA's Aquarian Moon. Slow, unchanging, Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius. When considering the "myth" of the dynamic "Aquarian Age," it would do well to remember which planet truly rules "the cosmic revolution." The harsh, punitive "voice" of a terrified Saturn, which wants only to retreat to an idealized past "golden age" is the new tyranny of the so-called "Age of Aquarius." Hence, "Political Correctness" which disguises a dark bigotry underneath.

The USA's Sun (13 Cancer conjoined to Dubya's) does not aspect its void of course Moon. Thus, there is no relationship between the animus (male) and the anima (female) in the national consciousness. And just as the USA's Neptune, which does not aspect its Sun or Moon, is a deeply disowned shadow content in the mainstream American psyche, mysticism, or that which allows one to suspend Saturn in order to reach a state of true Dionysian ecstacy, is ridiculed in James Bakerian language: "You can't di-i-i-i-vine the will of the people." Astrologers have being doing just that since Babylonian times. Perhaps what falls hard for me tonight is long-held belief that America was a spiritual nation. What I see is that America is not spiritual. America's highest value, "the rule of law," is void of the spirit of the law. America's zeitgiest of 1776 is dead.


In Greek mythology, Pallas Athena sprang from the head of Zeus (a woman not born of a woman) and aligned herself with the animus principle (Zeus/Jupiter, dispositor of Sag ruled Pallas in the chart) and decreed that the crime of patricide was worse than the crime of matricide. In other words, the rights of men outweigh the rights of women. Pallas, when she conjoins the Constitution's natal Moon (already seeded by Pluto's crossing of her in November, 1997), may find us "discovering" what was arranged long before Selection 2000: The Bush regime already has a law team working on a case to overturn abortion rights. They will pretend it evolved "by accident."

Pallas falls in the 12th house of the Declaration of Independence chart, and will conjoin the USA Ascendant on March 5, 2001.². Within that 30 day window, the push to abolish a woman's right to choose will collide with the rule of law and a growing conscious awareness on the part of the people that George Dubya Bush is not the compassionate (Neptune) conservative (Saturn) he said he was. The true agenda of the GOP regime will hit the electorate with all the Mars square Uranus energy that remains locked inside the Inauguration chart.

"BUSH TOLD Fox News on Thursday that, as president, he would not rule out joining a case that seeks to overturn abortion rights."

"Not at all," [he said] "We'd just have to see what the case is," Bush said, "As you know, I campaigned as a pro-life candidate."

Not so. Bush skirted the issue not only during stump speeches, but during the presidential debates where he dissembled on his position vis a vis abortion. As predicted by NOW and NARAL, Bush's dissembling was merely the ticket to win the votes of moderate Republicans and Democrats willing to cross party lines. He pandered for the Black vote yet succeeded in gaining only 8 percent of it. The distrust of African Americans in the GOP 2001 is wisdom, yet their voices are now ridiculed by "compassionate conservatives." Bush's position on abortion and ultimately Roe v. Wade actually became apparent the moment he announced John Ashcroft as Attorney General Designate. Ashcroft, a known crusader against abortion (he says Roe v. Wade is a "dismal failure") stated that his "vow not to instigate a petition [against abortion rights] does not preclude the option of joining a case." MSNBC Online . If you recall, during Ashcroft's confirmation hearings last week, he assured the Senate panel that he would uphold the constitutional laws now in place. He assured the committee that he had no other agenda. Ashcroft is a liar. Ashcroft is a licensed attorney who perjured himself before the United States Senate!

As to changes in the Supreme Court? This from MSNBC ONLINE: "Asked what type of justices he [Bush] would appoint to the Supreme Court, Bush mentioned conservative Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, who have made it clear they would vote to overturn the abortion ruling."

Alaska Drilling

The asteroid Ceres, associated with crops, grain, the business of agriculture, fertility and reverence for the environment conjoins Chiron, the wounder/wounded one in "rule of law" Sagittarius (see Chart). Regardless of what the PEOPLE want, Bush means to have his oil and his drilling no matter what the consequences to the planet. The GOP regime, remember, is the party of denial (Neptune). According to the right wing, there is nothing the matter with the ozone layer. There is no such thing as global warming. The polar ice cap is not melting. As reported in TIME magazine's 2000 Environmental Edition, "The number of critically endangered primates has risen 50 percent, largely as a result of habitat loss and the demand for "bush meat." (No, not Dubya flesh! It is the competition between humans and animals for food). In 50 years, 75% of all species on earth WILL be extinct. We are on the brink and the GOP regime may just push us over the edge.

The USA/Inauguration 2001 Composite chart Has Neptune at 29 Scorpio conjoined to the Midheaven opposing the part of fortune (29 Taurus) which conjoins Alcyone: the fixed star of great grief. Not only is Bush a liar (Neptune), the Venus-ruled part of fortune in Taurus in the 4th house of the peoples' national pride and heritage now enters a long period of mourning her loss. America the Beautiful. The land of the free and the home of the brave.

Claudia D. Dikinis, January 22, 2001.

This article is dedicated to the 28th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, to Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Also to the Grimke Sisters who stated before the United States Senate in the late 18th Century, "Sirs, we ask no special favors for our sex. We only ask that you get your feet out of our necks."

Women's suffrage and Women's Politics arose out of the Northern Abolition of Slavery movement which flowered before and during Abraham Lincoln's presidency.

In January of 1973, at the age of 23, I marched in Washington, D.C. with such noteables as Gloria Steinham and Florence Kennedy, Esq., just before the U.S. Extreme Court ruled in favor of the case. I worked as a volunteer on Florence Kennedy's committee to raise funds needed to bring a lawsuit against the Catholic Church for its bullying tactics against Catholic women who supported the right to choose. I have always been, and will always remain, an advocate for women everywhere.


¹ Visit: How California's Power Crisis Works:

"Many are pointing to the deregulation plan that former Governor Pete Wilson signed into law in 1996. The plan was designed to open up the state's electricity industry to competition. At the time, Wilson and many in the legislature viewed the electricity industry as a monopoly taking advantage of consumers. Nearly five years later, that deregulation plan is being blamed for the current energy problems that the state is faced with.

When deregulation occurred in 1996, California's major utilities sold many of their power plants to a handful of electricity wholesalers. The problem here is that deregulation has given power suppliers little incentive to increase their capacity to meet the state's growing demand for electricity. Gov. Davis is among the critics who are suggesting that these suppliers have even withheld supply to gouge electricity prices, a claim that the suppliers have vehemently denied."

² The USA Ascendant for the chart I prefer is 12° Sagittarius. Transiting Pluto's sojourn through the first house of "National Identity" indicates that the rule of law, the peoples' stronghold and protector of their rights, is now eroding via covert usage of "the law" as a bully pulpit for the right wing GOP arm, the Christian Coalition. The peoples' "belief" that they are protected and valued is being exposed for the illusion that it is. Pluto's long sextile to obfuscating Neptune is part of a larger cycle unfolding in the USA consciousness).

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, thus it is the dispositor of the U.S. Constitution's Midheaven and natal Moon. It also rules the USA's Ascendant. At present, it is retrograde indicating that bloated political promises made last summer when Jupiter was direct will be broken. Jupiter, associated with religion, education, and theory of law, opposed transiting Pluto during the summer of 2000. The rancorous GOP voice where "the ends justifies the means," (A daddy Bush political strategy) assaulted the airwaves, as news of the Republicans' intention to appoint staunch conservatives to the U.S. Supreme Court alarmed citzens nationwide.

Saturn, the punishing voice of "Yahweh," most often heard from the likes of fundamentalists such as Rev. Jerry Falwell and the "educators" at Bob Jones University, is curently transiting Taurus (Venus-values). What we prize most, our FREEDOM, is about to be taken away.


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