U.S. Politics:
Air Strikes Over Baghdad

February 16, 2001
8:30 pm BAT=3:00
Baghdad, Iraq
33N21 44E25
Asc: 3 Libra

Source: "The Washington Post" Internet Edition



This is a bowl chart configuration where the opposition between Mars and Jupiter functions as the lid or "container" for events. An opposition, often referred to as an "aspect of awareness," is aptly demonstrated in the chart by the Mars-Jupiter excessive-reactive tendency to "over-shoot" the mark. But this has been the policy of the USA's Joint Chiefs of Staff since 1991.

The North Node in the 10th house of the chart, the most elevated place in a horoscope, is at 14 Cancer. It is only a degree past the USA's natal Sun and Dubya's natal Sun. Pluto and the Moon quincunx the North Node, which foreshadows great pain over adjustments (a quincunx) on the world stage. There is no longer much support for the USA's/UN's policy towards Iraq. France, Russia, China, Turkey and Greece are appalled at Friday's air strikes.

The Moon in the chart had just passed over Pluto at the time the bombers took off, and by the time she sextiled Mercury (the press) and Uranus (sudden/eruptive surprise), news of the sorties spawned immediate vitrolic responses from Russia, China and France.

Meanwhile, Dubya was playing horsies with Mexico's President Vicente Fox at his ranch in Cristobal, Mexico. Apparently the trip was so taxing Bush thereafter took Air Force One to Crawford, Texas to sleep it off at his ranch. Since Bush's attention span only lasts about 15 minutes, I am wondering if he should take Ritilan. My trenchent wit aside, the main concern vis a vis "attention span" finds me anxious about Bush's capacity to make coherent decisions.

The Ascendant at 3 + Libra represents the USA and Britain. Libra is the sign associated with alliances. Venus in Aries in in the 7th house represents "the enemy." With the Ascendant ruler in the 7th house of the adversary, it cannot go well for Britain and the USA. Venus is on Saddam's turf in this chart. Even though Venus's ruler, Mars, is located in the Eastern hemisphere of the chart (USA/Britain), its dispositor is located in the Western sector (Iraq's turf) in the 8th house of death.

Saddam has promised retribution for the strikes, and named "The Zionist Entity" (Israel) as a "partner in crime." Saturn at 24 Taurus in the chart's 8th house is currently transiting over Israel's natal Sun.¹ Saddam has made no secret of his desire to declare Jihad on Israel.

Ariel Sharon's natal Moon is at 25 Taurus. Transiting Mercury, Uranus and the Sun have been squaring Sharon's Moon over the last few days. His South Node is at 14 Sagittarius. With Pluto sitting on the Node in his 9th house (his natal Saturn is also in the 9th), it is anybody's guess as to which fanatic will call the other's bluff first.

Map courtesy of New York Times Online


¹ Transiting Saturn crossing over Israel's Sun is also linked to Bill Clinton's chart. Saturn currently squares his Sun (26 Leo), and draws him into Israel vis a vis his controversial pardon of Marc Rich. Both Simon Peres and Ehud Barak asked Clinton if he would pardon Rich, as the fugitive billionaire has given multimillions in aid to Israel.

The aforementioned square to Clinton's Sun and its link to Israel's Sun explains, in part, why Clinton's hopes for peace between Israel and PLO did not manifest. His hopes of claiming peace as a part of his legacy were not meant to be. In retrospect, Clinton's greatest losses have come from harsh Saturn transits to his Sun or harsh transits to his natal Saturn, Mercury and Pluto.

Updated: February 18, 2001:

See Peter Doughty's, To War Or Not To War

See, Starlight News, "Flames on the Horizon

See, Palestinians Protest US - UK Airstrike, "Saddam, we wait for your rockets to hit Tel Aviv,'' the Gaza crowd shouted, as they fired automatic rifles in the air. Saddam is ``the leader who will liberate Palestine,'' one of the banners read." -- New York Times Internet Edition, February 18, 2001. Thanks again to Pat C. of Salon's Table Talk for the link to this article.


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