The Military Commissions Act (see chart below) gives a planet distribution in the Eastern sector of the chart, in the universal themes sector of life and action (houses 10 through 12), with the strongest focus trained on hidden matters of the 12th house.

Here we find the secret sector loaded with personal planets: Venus at the cusp, Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter). The scope of the Act is global, but it is one man (personal planets equate to personal will) who presumably has all power to designate who should be rounded up, detained, imprisoned, interrogated, tortured and denied due process.

Moon in Virgo at the cusp of the 10th house of the chart shows that we the people are now subject to the whims and wiles of the waxing and waning Moon.

The Military Commissions Act (MCA) is designed to give the President (and those following him) heretofore unheard of unilateral powers to suspend a citizen's rights or anyone's rights upon his (and someday her) say-so.

One individual now holds the power of life and death over all who come under the USA's increasingly more paranoid radar.

The Ninth house of LAW MAKING has 20 Cancer on its cusp. As mentioned above, the fluctuating, moody Moon is ruler of this new Law, and just as the Moon waxes and wanes taking on the character and guise of planets she meets along the way, so too can this "law" be administered (Saturn in the 9th rules "administrative law.") Saturn and Moon in close proximity (indeed Saturn was the last planet the light crossed over) is cold and reactionary. This Moon, seeded with Saturn's authoritarian cast, makes herself known to the public (10th house) through her critical (Virgoan) face.

Moon in Virgo is disposited (ruled) by Mercury in secretive Scorpio, and is locked away in the insane asylum of the 12th house.

The tense T-square from entitlement Saturn in Leo in the legal 9th to excessive Jupiter in the 12th, and scandal-prone Neptune in the "document signing" third, explode outward via Messenger Mercury conjoined to grandiose but imprisoned Jupiter.

This is made all the more lethal by Jupiter's mutual reception with Pluto, planet of covert operations and death.

Jupiter is conjoined to the Ascendant from the shadow side (12 house side) of the chart. It's square to Saturn is the testing phase of the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction of May 2000. Squares are emotional energy; energy that can be so uncomfortable that a person is driven to choose one side or the other of the square with which to identify. The other planet, the one not chosen, becomes the shadow. In this case, It appears that Saturn, intercepted in the legal 9th, will become the disowned character in in T-square configuration.

George Bush has a 12th house Saturn natally, and his authoritarian, heavy-handed manner is shadowed from himself. He is not aware of the punishment he gives others is the punishment he unconsciously believes he himself deserves. Isn't this the human story? Isn't history littered with despots who, for fear of facing self, overshot the mark by naming people, places and things as enemies of the state?

Saturn is not known for flexibility, negotiation, diplomacy, self-analysis, delegation, trust, and (oftentimes when disowned) self-responsibility. It bears mentioning that MAC's chart pattern is the LOCOMOTIVE. intercepted Saturn is the "driver" planet.

Saturn, still transiting George Bush's first natal house. In fact, it is currently conjoined to his natal Venus. This astrological transit is, among other things, the planet marker that has his polls in the dumpster; his party in disarray; and his popularity at its lowest point since he was first "elected."

The aforementioned T-square comprised of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune give angular placement in Bush's natal chart highlighting house 1 (Saturn), house 4 (Jupiter) and house 7 (Neptune). His "irrational exuberance (Jupiter square Neptune) and blindness (Neptune) as to conditions in Iraq have caused his popularity to dwindle (Saturn in his first).

The U.S. Constitution Chart is under great pressure. Transiting Pluto is square it's Sun at 24 Virgo. Solar Arc Pluto (23 Virgo) is conjoined to the Constitution's Sun. It's progressed Pluto (17 AQ) is in the degree of the Constitution's Progressed Lunar Nodes (17 Sag-N/17 Gemini-S). Transiting Neptune is conjoined to that progressed Pluto. Both Neptune and Pluto are about dissolution. Neptune dissolves. Pluto rots. The stage of decay must be completed before restructuring can begin.

The transiting Lunar Nodes are now squared by Pluto. The T-South Node will soon conjoin the Constitution's Sun and, with the Pluto aspects just mentioned, move our nation into a highly perilous time. A fated time when Americans may suddenly "awake" to find that they let a misguided set of criminals run the country, gut its treasury, and destroy it's constitution.

This awakening is going to be very painful. This moment of Karma in our nation's history. The Constitution's progressed Jupiter at 24 Gemini opposes Transiting Pluto and Squares the Constitution Sun. This T-square formation exaggerates the potential for hard core blowback from other nations against the USA for violations of the Geneva Conventions.

The asteroid Goddess Nemesis is at 12 Libra and will soon conjoin the Declaration of Independence chart's Saturn (14 Libra), and the MAC's Venus, Sun and Mars. Nemesis will visit the USA's progressed Mars, which is now Retrograde (for the next 72 years!). By Mid-Dec., Nemesis will enter Scorpio and begin her transit over MAC Mercury and Jupiter. Nemesis will activate the MAC's T-square and the T-square points in George Bush's natal chart. I mention Nemesis, because this asteroid Goddess is the one associated with the human price paid for hubris.

(Read about Nemesis in mythology at Wikipedia

Using event chart timing (from the horary astrology tradition), Mutuable Moon in Virgo (Moon and Mars are two powerful chart timers!), angular equates to a timing factor of days or weeks. Logic would dictate weeks (not days) before any confrontation with the judicial branch of government.

(It is rumored that Justice Anthony Kennedy, the one "swing" vote, could be in favor of MAC, and if this is true, we are in big trouble.) Hell begins to break lose when the Moon, in weeks, first opposes MAC's Uranus (which is in square to the Declaration of Independence's natal Uranus!).

Subtracting the Moon's position from that of Uranus gives us 7 degrees 33 minutes. So in about 7 and 1/2 weeks, there will be the first real shock waves of any consequence vis a vis MAC. This coincides with Dec 7, 2006, or the 65th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

Since Pearl Harbor was the first attack upon the United States (at that time the Hawaiian Islands were a territory of the USA), it is fitting that the event that spawned Japanese Internment Camps should be revisited by an outcry about The Military Commissions Act of 2006.

December 7th is also the date at which Mercury leaves the shadow degree of it's retrograde and enters Sagittarius (Mercury Retrograde October 28-November 17).

MAC Moon will square MAC Pluto (by event chart timing) in about 21 weeks. That will be the beginning of March 2007. A new Congress will have been sworn in and, hopefully, new investigative committees not run by lockstep GOP loyalists will be in session. Perhaps then, some headway can be made at rescinding this Act before the Bush adminstration crashes our ship of state into the rocks.

Starcats -- October 19, 2006

2006 Eclipse Data

Further study of the MAC chart and the charts for the USA warrant a an examination of the 2006 eclipses. I provide the chart data for the eclipses below for those readers interested in conducting further study. -- Starcats.

Lunar Appulse Eclipse, March 14, 2006
6:35 PM EST +5:00
Washington, D.C.
38N54 77W02
Asc: 29 Virgo

Total Solar Eclipse, March 29, 2006
6:15 AM EST +5:00
Washington, D.C.
38N54 77W02
Asc: 18 Pisces

Lunar Partial Eclipse, September 7, 2006
2:41 PM EDT +4:00
Washington, D.C.
38N54 77W02
Asc: 20 Sagittarius

Solar Annular Eclipse, September 22, 2006
7:44 AM EDT +4:00
Washington, D.C.
38N54 77W02
Asc: 8 Libra

Amnesty International

"The past five years have seen the USA engage in systematic violations of international law, with a distressing impact on thousands of detainees and their families. Human rights violations have included: " -- Amnesty International

Secret detention
  • Enforced Disappearance
  • Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
  • Outrages upon personal dignity, including humiliating treatment
  • Denial and restriction of habeas corpus
  • Indefinite detention without charge or trial
  • Prolonged incommunicado detention
  • Arbitrary detention
  • Unfair trial procedures

    [Link update: AI April 29, 2010] "USA: More of the same: New Manual for military commissions confirms acquittal may not mean release" Amnesty International. Get involved: Amnesty International: Ten Ways to Make a Difference.

    Eclipse Data 2001-2007

    2001-2007 Eclipse Data

    Military Commissions Act Text & Analysis

    PDF of Military Commissions Act You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file.

    Wikipedia's discussion of Military Commissions Act 2006

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