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January 4, 2001 -- ABC News Online

"The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights commission will hold hearings next week into whether Floridiansí voting rights were violated in the Nov. 7 election. The inquiry follows complaints made to the Department of Justice by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and others alleging that some black voters were denied access to the polls."

"The NAACP says it has gathered more than 450 complaints and taken more than 300 pages of sworn testimony from people who say they were blocked from voting." -- Associated Press

The chart for JEB's testimony (January 11, 2001, 9:00 AM, Tallahassee, Florida) Has Pluto at 14 Sagittarius in the 10th house (Pluto's degree for Inauguration 2001), and is in square to Dubya's progressed Ascendant: 14 Virgo, which coincidentally, is the sign and degree of the Moon in the Emancipation Proclamation chart.¹

It is no accident that January 9, 2001's Eclipse (see Tallahasse Lunar Eclipse), with its sensitive links to Richard M. Nixon's chart and the chart for the Emancipation Proclamation, re-emerge.

As I stated in the footnotes to my article, Capricorn Ingress,:

"On October 10, 2003, Saturn will conjoin the USA's and Bush's Sun. 13 degrees is highly potent for the country and the President-Elect. The last conjunction of Saturn to the USA's Sun was in 1974 -- the summer Richard M. Nixon resigned the presidency of the United States. VOTERGATE anyone?"

The natal and progressed charts for the GOP foreshadow a crushing demise for the Republican Party and Dubya's presidency. First, the GOP's natal Sun (14 Cancer) conjoins the USA's natal Sun, Dubya's natal Sun and Chief Justice Rehnquist's natal Pluto. The aforementioned planets quincunx transiting Pluto (14 Sagittarius) for Inauguaration 2001. The quincunx shows us what is "out of joint" --where a "sacrifice" will be made. In this case, it is the peoples' guaranteed security (Cancer Sun) via the rule of law (Pluto transiting Sagittarius). What Pluto is annihilating via its first house transit of the USA's chart is:

American Myths:

  1. Law and justice are our supreme values. Freedom and equality are guaranteed the collective as "certain inalienable rights," by virtue of the fact that such rights were "endowed by their creator [Jupiter/Sagittarius]" and are protected and defended by the 3 branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Such powers are derived "from the just consent of the governed."

  2. Equality and Liberty remain in balance through the checks and balances (Jupiter-Saturn) inherent in 3 distinct branches of government. Liberty should not not impinge upon a more equitable distribution of wealth and resources.

  3. As proven in Justice Scalia's Opinion of December 13, 2000 (Coup d'etat), U.S. citizens do not have the right of suffrage in a presidential election. Suffrage is granted by state Legislatures who appoint their own slate of electors, thus removing "consent" from the collective's hands.

    It is important to mention that the North Node (19 Sagittarius) in the Emancipation Proclamation chart is in January 9, 2001's eclipse degree and quincunxes the Eclipse Moon at 19 Cancer.

    Jesse Jackson

    The uncharitable remarks about Jesse Jackson being "an ambulance chaser" should be tempered with the knowledge that "ambulance chasers" do not show up unless there is an accident. In that regard, Election 2000 was a Felony Hit & Run. The GOP has forgotten that Rev. Jackson and his team were the only Americans Milosovic would allow into to Yugoslavia to negotiate the release of the American Military captured as prisoners of war. The GOP's deceptive natal Neptunian (15 Pisces opposite the Emancipation Proclamation Virgo Moon) campaign call to "compassionate conservatism" and promise of "inclusion" of America's diverse peoples is a slap in the face to African Americans. This campaign carpetbagging and subsequent betrayal of Florida's diverse electorate has set the equality clock back 30 years.

    Dubya's "diverse" cabinet choices (including Condascending Rice and Colin "the large intestine" Powell) are, in the words of journalist Jill Nelson, ". . . an assortment of right-wing ideologues, fat cats, has-beens, wannabees, and plain ol' opportunists. There's not a visionary in the bunch." (See "The Age of Embarrassment," MSNBC).

    "Vision," or rather the psychological underpinnings that make it possible, frighten the GOP. Venus conjoins Saturn in intellectual Gemini and squares Neptune in dreamy Pisces in the GOP natal chart. James Baker articulated this aspect perfectly when he said we can't divine the will of the voter by counting hanging chads. His accent upon the word "divine" was derisive. [The fact that Ronald Reagan used Joan Quigley as his astrologer through his two terms as president (and rumor has it that Bush I did, too) seems "lost" on Baker. Perhaps he has borrowed Gore's "Lockbox" to shut the truth of that away.]²

    This article points in a number of directions and attempts to initiate an exploration of critical themes that lie ahead:

    1. The GOP's Saturn Return (7/10/01) revisits the 1972 Nixon presidency Saturn return of the GOP (6/01/72).

    2. The Saturn conjunction with the USA Sun (10/03/03) is the Saturn-Sun Return for the USA chart harking back to Nixon's resignation of the presidency in August, 1974.

    3. Dubya's Natal Sun will "receive" the Saturn hit, as will Rehnquist's natal Pluto.

    4. Dubya's natal Saturn (26 Cancer) opposes the USA's Pluto (27 Capricorn)and conjoins Nixon's natal Neptune (24 Cancer).

    5. Dubya's natal Saturn conjoins JFK's natal Saturn, thus linking Dubya to a collective "sacrifice."

    6. The GOP's progressed Sun (7 Sagittarius) conjoins the U.S. Constitution's natal Moon in its 10th house.

    7. the GOP's progressed Uranus (13 Taurus) conjoins Inauguration 2001's Ascendant.

    8. The GOP's progressed North Node (22 Taurus) resonates to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 28, 2000 (the harbinger of Tecumseh's Curse).

    9. The GOP's progressed Saturn (12 Gemini) conjoins Dubya's progressed Ascendant. (Fall from grace).

    10. The GOP is "returning" to issues spawned in (at least) 1972, and with transiting Uranus squaring its natal Uranus (15 Taurus), and its continuing transiting square to transiting Saturn indicate a tight grip on the status quo (Saturn) that will ultimately shatter (Uranus).

      January 5, 2001, by Claudia D. Dikinis


      ¹ See Peter Doughty's chart for the Emancipation Proclamation

      ² Quote below from Bob Woodward's Shadow -- Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate, Touchstone Books, copyright © 1999 by Bob Woodward, p. 103. (Paperback edition).

      "First Lady Nancy Reagan had already phoned Regan. "He's not going to talk to the press," she said, "My Friend says it's you know, it's just wrong for him to talk right now."

      "Regan knew 'My Friend' referred to an astrologer, Joan Quigley, whom the first lady consulted. "My God, Nancy," the chief of staff answered, "he's going to go down in flames if he doesn't speak up." Regan glanced down at the color-coded calendar he kept to track the astrologer's predictions. Green ink was used for future good days, red for the bad days, and yellow for those days that would be in between. Mrs. Reagan was right about what the astrology chart predicted, but the secret practice of making scheduling decisions based on astrology was irritating and irrational. Regan believed it was the most closely guarded domestic secret in the Reagan White House." [Italics mine.]

      Woodward's quote is related to events surrounding Chief of Staff Don Regan's request that President Reagan to talk to the press re Iran-Contra.


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